Me, Myself and I

The names Vincent Hagen. I come from the U.P. which is the upper peninsula of Michigan. I grew up in a small town just over the Mackinac Bridge, that most people have never heard of, goes by the name of St. Ignace.  I have an insatiable travel lust that I plan on recording here. On top of that I’m an die-hard Chicago Bears fan, an avid reader, a No Fear addict and cannot go a day without music.

Currently I’ll be working away my summers in Northern Michigan and exploring the scenic area all the while, with day trips and hikes as often as I can. In the off-season I’ll set off on 4-5 month long adventures to new places, seeing and exploring as much as I can during my time there. Some of my destinations include backpacking around Australia/New Zealand, Thailand, and Europe as well as embarking on month long road trips across Northern America. I plan on recording all these adventures on this blog with posts and pictures. During my travels I’ll be crossing off and adding new items to my bucket list (aka The Epic List of Awesome). After a few summers in Northern Michigan I plan to set off and backpack the world indefinitely and will keep this updated all the while.

Thanks for stumbling onto my blog and I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do. Feel free to comment with questions, advice, concerns, recommendations, or even just to say hi!

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